What is Pikes Peak Life?

Pikes Peak Life is dedicated to the Pikes Peak Region and all the amazing things we are blessed to have every single day. I started Pikes Peak Life when I moved back from almost two years away and truly wanted to share my experience in a place I love. My fiancee has recently jumped in on the fun too so you will see posts by her as well.

Some of these things include our wonderful parks and open spaces like Cheyenne Canyon, Stratton Open Space, Palmer Park, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak and Pike National Forest and Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

My Favorite Activities Include:

  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Pond Hockey
  • Inline Hockey
  • Snowshoeing
  • Colorado College Tiger Hockey (taking over TigersUncaged.blogspot.com)
  • and anything else we dream up!

And of Course Two of my Biggest Passions: Nebraska Husker and Denver Bronco Football!

Pikes Peak Living is not just limited to life in the Pikes Peak Region but will also be a platform to share our adventures all over our great world, near and far!

And be sure to check out Pikes Peak Life on Tumblr.!pikespeaklife.tumblr.com
It will consist of little snippets that I want to share vs large stories that the WordPress blog will consist of.


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