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Spring Elk In Woodland Park [pics]

It’s spring time in the Pikes Peak region which means the animals are out in full force around town. Pesky deer are leaving their marks in yards, raccoons are digging through trash and breaking stuff in my yard (new bird bath snapped in half? check!), the squirrels are digging up their winter stash in the yard and the foxes are shedding their fluffy winter coats.

Last night, one of our local elk herds made its way to lower Rampart Road in Woodland Park. It was my first time not only seeing them (I’ve heard them before…or maybe herd them, HA) but seeing elk up close in person. These elk were not fully grown and kind of looked like camels to me, any one else agree?!

There are quite a few in the Ute Pass area so hopefully this was one sight of many to come!



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