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Chutes and Stratton Open Space Surivive a Wildfire Scare


Smoke Rises Over the Stratton Open Space as Seen from south downtown Colorado springs  Continue reading on Examiner.com: Chutes and Stratton Open Space surivive a super scare - Colorado Springs mountain biking | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/mountain-biking-in-colorado-springs/chutes-and-stratton-open-space-surivive-a-super-scare#ixzz1GdI5dSn2

The Fire From South of Downtown

Driving home tonight I saw the smoke but I figured it was a house fire downtown. As I got a view of the south mountains I quickly realized that the smoke was coming from my favorite mountain biking area in the region; the Stratton Open Space near the Chutes trail and just below Gold Camp Road. It turned out to only be 2.7 acres but the sight of the hill on fire was certainly panic-inducing. Below is my news article for Examiner.com.


Mountain bikers and outdoors enthusiasts alike survived a mini-heart attack this afternoon when white smoke was billowing off the mountains below Gold Ramp Road, better known as the Stratton Open Space and, more specific, the Chutes trail was contained before doing any damage. Though details are scarce at this time, the fire was contained to 2.7 acres just north of the South Suburban Reservoir and just behind Cheyenne Mountain High School on the Southwest side of Colorado Springs. The thought of losing the Chutes would cause every mountain biker in the region to lose sleep for years. It’s another reminder that it’s been a dry winter and fire danger is extremely high.

Stratton Open Space, Colorado Springs, March Wildfire

Map of the Fire Location

Below are the local news channels’ webpages and their stories of the fire. KXRM has the best photos, KKTV has a map with the incorrect location (see map below in article for location). If you were fortunate to be out riding the afternoon and caught some photos of the fire, post your link in the comments section!






Continue reading on Examiner.com: Chutes and Stratton Open Space surivive a super scare – Colorado Springs mountain biking | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/mountain-biking-in-colorado-springs/chutes-and-stratton-open-space-surivive-a-super-scare#ixzz1GdHAfUaM



One thought on “Chutes and Stratton Open Space Surivive a Wildfire Scare

  1. Parks Dept and TOPS have worked in concert to greatly endanger the fire danger both at Stratton Open Space and indeed the whole front range. Please visit Photobucket web site and query “Stratton Open Space.” If wildfire gets going where Parks has been stacking dry brush and dead trees, only God knows where it will end.

    Posted by Rick Bergles | July 27, 2011, 8:39 PM

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