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Rare Arctic Freeze Blasts Pikes Peak Region

I can’t remember a time when I saw -41 windchill’s for Colorado Springs during the day. Especially after some parts of town hit 69 on Friday and Saturday (I was near a pool where people were swimming outside!).

I checked the almanac and discovered the record high for today was 70 in ’89 and a whopping -26 in 1951, which had to be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Those of you in the midwest won’t comprehend why it’s so bizarre to be this cold in the Pikes Peak Region. We have this thing here called sunshine and it makes the snow melt no matter how cold it is. But when the high temps don’t even hit zero, we freak. (heck we freak when we get more than 6inches of snow…not as bad as the metro to the north though 😉 ) I think the weirdest thing is the ridiculous windchill that may be occurring during the day with the sunshine. Once the sun sets, it could hit -41. Four years in Lincoln, Nebraska and the worst I dealt with was -38!

Another part that makes it so miserable is the fact that we really don’t have any snow. In downtown Colorado Springs we got a light dusting min-morning but it cleared out (I believe the north and south parts of the metro had some snow/ice issues though). In Woodland Park we have about 1/4 inches of fluff.

Here in Woodland Park the high tomorrow is currently predicted to be a balmy -9. My hockey team is scheduled to be playing outside at 8pm tomorrow night and, according to our own KRDO weatherman Matt Meister, I can expect a rocking -10 excluding the wind and -24 to -34 with the wind. Needless to say, I probably won’t be playing; I enjoy my skin attached and the color it is!

For those of you who grew up here and are currently living elsewhere, do you ever remember a time when these numbers showed up in the forecast??

If you are a fellow weather nerd like me, you will enjoy freakishly cold forecasts for Colorado Springs and Woodland Park below. If we get any great snow in either Woodland or the Springs I’ll be sure to share pics tomorrow.

And yes, someday I will have more to post than weather. But, having lived away from the region for 6 of the past 7 winters, I am thoroughly enjoying our wacky winter weather!


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