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Colorado Springs Named “Santa’s Favorite City”


Santas Top 10 Favorite cities

Santa's Top 10 Favorite cities - Colorado Springs wins but is placed wrong on the map

This is probably the oddest number one ranking Colorado Springs has gotten. Zillow.com has named us Santa’s favorite city for some reason. Why?…

Colorado Springs, CO:  Colorado scored high in every category deemed important to Santa. In addition to having many single-story homes with fireplaces and large lots, the city is crawling with kiddos. Santa will also like the weather — snowy, with lots of clear days.


Let’s analyze: single-story homes? Yes, but what decent sized city doesn’t?

Fireplaces: I suppose, though most people never use them

Kiddos: The east side and northeast side are suburbia-heaven, big check.

Snowy: Not usually and DEFINITELY not this year. The Gazette’s article is dead-on by saying our snowiest month is March. I suppose our climate fits in well with other Top 10s like L.A., Albuquerque, Dallas, El Paso and Phoenix. It also contradicts…

Clear days: It almost gets old being clear and sunny all the time (…almost)

Another thing that proves this was yet another Google article: why is the flag for Colorado Springs out by Lamar? Magazines and websites might be head-over-heels for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak, but they can’t find us on a map! (here’s a hint, it’s right smack dab in the center of CO!)

We do have NORAD tracking Santa and I love Colorado Springs but is this an award we should be proud of?

Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over all the snoring….



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