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Fun Weather Fact | It Was Warmer in Colorado Springs Than Miami Today

A followup to my earlier mobile post:

Even though we didn’t hit 70 degrees today like some said we might (thin clouds kept the sun tame) I still discovered a funny fact: it was warmer in Colorado Springs today than Miami, Florida (see screenshots below). Those who have lived here long enough know that these temps, although rare, aren’t totally uncommon. However, putting it into context of a place like Miami makes it that much more awesome. AND, the official reading was taken at the airport on the far southeast side, so it could have been warmer on the western part of town. I hit 69 on my truck thermometer today and it’s usually within 2 degrees. 2 weeks ago it was 69 on a Friday afternoon and I was, of course,…

Now we are all wondering, will this continue or will we have a late winter? It’s pretty certain that it will be a blue and brown Christmas again (sky and grass/trees). As long as it waits until March (like usual) I’m set; so long as it makes if past February (our wedding!!!!)

So what type of winter do you prefer? White, cold, wet, dry….?



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