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BierWerks Opens It’s Doors in Woodland Park

The Pikes Peak Region’s newest brewery is now open and is the first brewery in Woodland Park. BierWerks finally opened in late August after months of delays due to permits and bureaucratic bologna but it was worth the wait. They currently have 6 beers available with numerous more in the pipeline (including an upcoming a now out Amber Oktoberfest!).
Food-wise, they currently serve platters that are a great snack but not much more than that (see photo below of a mid-day snack this week). The brewers say there is a full menu coming soon.
BierWerks also features an exclusive paying members club appropriately called the Mug Club (which yours truly is a member of) and it gets you a custom, personalized mug (coming in roughly two weeks) and access to special beers and events. The first Mug Club event took place last month and let us taste all the current beers (all AWESOME!).
A couple cool features that makes BierWerks special include a large outdoor patio area (with great HWY 24 people watching) an outdoor walk-up bar and outdoor fire pit. The patio looks to be packed nearly every evening year-round.
BierWerks can be found on the south side of HWY 24 in downtown Woodland Park, 1 block west of the ridiculous fake palm trees of the dinosaur museum. You can’t miss the amazing BierWerks bear logo!

So if you are in Woodland Park be sure to stop into BierWerks and have a great European style beer!



One thought on “BierWerks Opens It’s Doors in Woodland Park

  1. Bierwerks, oh how we love thee.

    Posted by Erin | September 12, 2010, 3:00 PM

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