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Images from Wednesday | Colorado Springs’ Eastern Plains

Yesterday I had to cruise around the far eastern edge of the Springs Metro for work and was able to get some cool shots that a lot of us never get to see. Rolling hills and prairie grass abounds but yet the familiar view of Cheyenne Mountain and Pikes Peak still abounds. It’s not completely isolated, however, as the massive and infamous Schriever Air Force Base sits mysteriously a few miles east of Curtis Road and ranches and homes line the hills.

I definitely have a love for the prairie and open plains so this was pretty cool to have that experience while still very much in the Pikes Peak Region.

UPDATE: I just discovered this (and it’s my own photo, haha): If you click on the windmill photo and blow it up full screen and look at the very center on the horizon, you can just barely see the tip of Piked Peak peeking over the hill!



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