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Manitou Lager Festival Aug 14 & 15 [photos]

Last weekend marked the 8th annual Manitou Lager Festival in Manitou’s small  Memorial Park. This year featured breweries from across the state and even one from New York. We attended the Saturday version and it was beyond packed. After getting through the long lines and confusion of getting in (next year make it easier and have signs guys) we entered and were greeted by more lines.

The brewfest boasted that it was “completely solar powered!” which was quite a feat: the entire festival was outside so it was definitely tough for them to pull off being solar. Midway through the festival we all had to check and make sure the solar power was still working well. Still warm? check. Still bright and able to see? check. WOW these people are smart 😉

By 3pm there were a couple breweries already out of beer (it started at 1), namely a couple from a southwest Colorado town that shall remain nameless that were certainly too dumb to bring enough beer. By 4:30 almost all breweries were out of beer completely, which was a big-time bummer.

My favorite beer ended up being the Lynx Lager from Rockyard Brewing in Castle Rock CO. It was a very light, nearly clear beer but it boasts the most rich flavor I have ever had in a light beer. Outstanding!

The festival had lots of breweries but the crowds/lines and poor guessing on quantity of beer ruined a great festival. I was told that Sunday was just as bad. SO next year, show up early and drink fast! Oh and to the girl who flipped me off while I was taking a photo of the stage, I cropped you nice and big below so you can get the attention you so desired 😉 Enjoy the photos!



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