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Images of Independence Day 2010 | Woodland Park & Colorado Springs, CO

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July this past weekend! It was pretty eventful in the Pikes Peak Region with hail, wild lightning and some flooding. However we were all able to get out most of the day and enjoy what makes our area great. I was busy out having fun but I was able to snap a few fun photos throughout the day but unfortunately none of Pikes Peak due to fluffy clouds hanging out near it all day. Click here to view the slideshow.

I was up in Woodland Park during the day and checked out the Old Fashioned 4th at the Park in Memorial Park in the heart of Woodland Park. My fiancée was telling me it used to be a good ol’ fashioned carnival atmosphere that has clearly turned into a business expo. Lots of political candidates with their booths all over the place. The funniest was the Teller County Democrats booth, which was completely avoided like the plague. If you know Teller County, you know how funny it is that booth was even there. Aside from the annoying political booths they did have a band playing, a dunk tank and some other musical talents out and about. The volunteer fire department has an old-fashioned fire engine that they were using to give rides to everyone (and blaring the siren all day, which drove me NUTS!). The Teller County Sheriff was displaying their mobile command unit and an armor-plated rescue vehicle which was essentially the Ford F-450 version of a military Hummer. We couldn’t figure out why the heck such a small county would need these extreme units but it’s good to see Homeland Security money being put to use 😉

For our fireworks choice we headed to Southwest Colorado Springs to sit on the golf course at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort/Country Club of Colorado. It’s one of my favorite spots to watch fireworks in the area because you can lay right under them along the lake and the sound echos off Cheyenne Mountain and up the Front Range creating a lasting booming effect. You can also see the fireworks shows in Widefield-Security and Fort Carson and sometimes even the Broadmoor, depending on everyone’s timing.

Despite the severe weather and one of the worst hail storms in Woodland Park history that canceled the fireworks on the 4th (but it was made up for at the Symphony Above the Clouds Monday Night) it was another great 4th of July in the Pikes Peak Region.

What are your favorite things to do in our area over Independence Day Weekend? Share your fun in the comments section!



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