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Mountain Biking the Colorado Trail – Buffalo Creek, CO

Mountain Biking | Little Scraggy Trailhead on the Colorado Trail | Buffalo Creek, CO

Little Scraggy Trailhead - Colorado Trail

Little Scraggy Trailhead

For Father’s Day, my dad wanted to head up to Buffalo Creek north of Woodland Park and Deckers, CO to ride a section of the Colorado Trail that runs through central Colorado. We had ridden it 10 years ago and figured it was about time to hit it again.

Since I’ve only been back in Colorado Springs for a few weeks I was pretty stoked to get back to the good ole’ days of riding with my dad like we did up through summers in college.

Little Scraggy Trailhead Map

The Little Scraggy Trailhead is located in Douglas County NW of Colorado Springs, SW of Denver

From Colorado Springs it was a modest drive of a little over an hour. The road is pretty slow and weaves a lot north of Woodland Park so it’s not the fastest route ever.

To get there we had to drive through a large section of the monster Hayman Fire burn area. Not much has grown back since 2002 since the terrain is mostly Pikes Peak granite gravel and the semi-arid climate. The biggest shocker was the massive amount of silt that has been blasting into the creek. There were areas that had 20ft of gravel and debris piled up despite obvious efforts to keep it clear. I still remember going to summer weight-training in early summer 2002 and having red eyes, cough and a runny nose from the smoke that enveloped Colorado Springs. But enough about that, on to the ride!

Little Scraggy Trailhead - Colorado Trail

Rock Formation on the trail

If you’re familiar with the Colorado Trail, you know that it’s an awesome trail that is well-built, fun and extremely busy. The Little Scraggy Tailhead was no exception, especially on a Father’s Day Sunday in June with temperatures in the mid-80s and bright sunshine.

We rode to the west toward the Buffalo Creek Campground and netted about 16 miles out-and-back (we stopped a little before the campground due to some clouds that smelled like rain that moved in. It’s roughly 9.5 miles to the campground; making it 20 miles if you do the whole thing). The trail weaves through tall pines and some aspens and doesn’t have any massive climbs or descents. There are a few sections that drop down into drainages then climb back up but nothing to steep. However, on the way back we got our butts kicked by a section about a mile long that is a slight climb but becomes much harder after 12 miles. The trail is all Pikes Peak granite gravel so it was a tad mushy in spots but nothing to take away from the fun. Not much more to say about this trail except that I highly recommend it! It’s fun and it feels like you’re out in the wilderness in only an hour from home. Be sure to enjoy the photos! As always, click here to view the full slideshow.



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