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My “New Big XII” Plan (only in my dreams)

It looks like the Big XII is history thanks to the name-calling and finger-pointing and the necessity for more $$$ (no not NU leaving, what happens to the remainder if they do).

BUT, it could survive if we re-structured it a bit (aka booted the cry-babies and stole some teams..err…added new members*). Here’s my never-gonna-happen new Big XII (hint, it’s 14 teams).

Big XII “Tradition” Division (Big 8 teams -2 +1)


Iowa* (natural rival to NU, replaces MU, actually happens only in my dreams. Mizzou could remain here if they go on an Obama apology tour)

Iowa State


Oklahoma State


Kansas State

Big XII “Olde SW Division”


Texas A&M

Texas Tech

Baylor (the only name-caller that survives thanks to state politics)

TCU* (might cannibalize recruiting but creates natural rivalries)

Arkansas* (member of the old SW, big rival with A&M)

New Mexico* (I know, I know it’s a stretch BUT it gives us the ABQ market and replaces a lost team in Boulder that everyone forgets is even missing)

There you go! The new Big XII, it’s 14 teams but keeps the name for consistency, “traditions” sake. It adds some tradition and moves both east and west without adding too much travel. It could work but will never happen. Here’s to hoping that at least the Pac-10 is bluffing with their stupid super-conference idea.


Side notes:

  • Boise State doesn’t make it due to less sports and long, potentially inconvenient, travel.
  • Colorado State or Wyoming would make it before them anyway, even if they suck.
  • CU gets dumped because they have poor facilities, poor fan/student following, less sports and, frankly, no one likes those who look down on others. Have fun not winning the MWC!
    And then there’s this I just found a minute ago http://www.denverpost.com/ci_15260747
  • Mizzou gets dumped because they waved a middle finger to the rest of the conference before having a Big Ten invite secured (which never happened). Hello Conference USA!
  • The rest of the Big 8 gets to be in one division together again which helps tradition (NU-OU) and hopefully with some parody between divisions.
  • I added 2 more teams to get more conference games (although nc will probably get even softer so see next bullet point)
  • Create a non-conference plan with the Pac-10 and Big 10 to have, say, 2 Big XII teams each year play someone from each. So, 4 teams are playing in other markets each year. It rotates so not every team will have a big nc game each year, just every other, and switch between West Coast and Upper Midwest (or something like that). Big games and big names = more eyeballs on TV sets = more exposure = more money. I think this is GENIUS!
  • Raise the academic standards to the old Big 8 standards that were lost
  • If it truly helps, make that friggen’ TV network
  • And last but not least, kick out Dan Beebe. Whether or not he’s at fault I just don’t like the guy. We replace him with someone from the outside who LOVES college football, knows how to run a business but is impartial to any one team.


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