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Desert Southwest Trip 2010: Day 1

Every year my and I dad head out to Utah for an extended weekend of mountain biking around Moab sometime between March and June. This year our trip landed over Memorial Day Weekend which  just might be THE busiest weekend in Moab, SO, we ended up staying in towns around Moab and got to see some awesome country while we were at it. We even found a new trail area in SW Colorado, which was Day 1.

Day 1 – May 28, 2010 – Sand Canyon, Cortez, CO

Canyon of the Ancients - Cortez, CO
I had heard a lot about Sand Canyon near Cortez so we decided to hit that first on the way to Moab.

sand canyon map

Located Just SW of Cortez, CO

Sleeping Ute Mountain from Sand Canyon Trailhead
The ‘Ute Just South of the Trailhead

You can find Sand Canyon in the Canyon of the Ancients National Monument just southwest of Cortez, CO and it’s one of those places you would never know what there. I had seen a friend’s pictures a few weeks back and said to myself “woah, that looks just like Moab”. Well sure enough, the description on the Sand Canyon trail map is “This trail looks like Moab”. Crazy.

My dad cruising by a rock formation

It was a great ride; pretty easy with a ton of ruins all along the trail. It took us a few hours but we took our time and checked everything out.

Sand Canyon Ruins

A trail spur went right through this old structure

More Ruins Withstanding Time Under the Rocks

One of the Largest Ruins In the Side of a Cliff

Our two thermometers both read 103+ degrees so it was definitely a Camelbak afternoon.

We would have stayed out into the early evening but the wind and dust was rolling in and we had to get to Bluff, UT for the night.

It was a dusty drive to Bluff, UT

It was dusty when we arrived in Bluff so we didn’t get a good feel for the town. We weren’t even sure there was anywhere to eat but we asked the hotel desk and got pointed toward a little steakhouse with a very local look. Turned out to be absolutely amazing! The Cottonwood Steakhouse had great fresh meat (I had a juicy half-rack of ribs). Their water glasses were little cowboy boots (pic coming soon) which was pretty funny.
If you are ever remotely near bluff I highly suggest stopping into this little gem. Fresh beef, super friendly managers and servers and some local beer.

Outdoor Artwork at Our Hotel in Bluff, UT

The night ended with a dusty but pleasant sunset.

Bluff, Utah Sunset



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